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Our bird watching holidays

COSTA RICA - from coast to cloud forest - Sept 2020 - £3,200

Keel Billed Toucan, bird, costa rica, bird watching holiday

Visiting several habitat zones, we give you maximum opportunity to see as many of Costa Rica’s 921 bird species as possible.  

Enjoy a unique stay with the Kèköldi indigenous people to participate in their raptor migration monitoring project.

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RAJASTHAN, INDIA - Tigers, temples and an abundance of birds - Feb 2020 - £4,500

Brown Fish Owl, Bird Watching Holidays Rajasthan

Rajasthan in Northern India is rich in wildlife, has spectacular architecture and vibrant culture. This trip  has been designed to provide a comfortable introduction to India whilst capturing the best elements of this amazing area.

 This trip supports vulture rehabilitation in an area that has seen catastrophic decline in these important species. 

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PYRENEES, SPAIN - Vultures and Vino - Nov 2019 and May 2020 - from £875

Bearded Vulture, lammergeier, Bird, Spain, Pyrenees, bird watching holiday,

Look for all four of Europe's resident vultures before sampling some of the region's best wine. Enjoy the changing seasons with long weekends or week long trips organised throughout the year. 

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GEORGIA - 100,000 raptors in a day - new trip coming soon for 2020

Batumi Raptor Migration, Georgia, Bird Watching Holidays

Coming soon

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